Backyard Underground Bunker Tour/Update 5 years on
My favourite Project 5 Years later..........Hows it looking as I might need it.
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2nd Track is called "Don't Let Me Go" by" Room D"
3rd Track is called "Reprisal"by "7Daze"
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  • colinfurze

    They said it would Rust, Leak, collapse, get damp, run out of air and many other things but after 5 years how's it holding up. Hope your all healthy and well.

    • scruffy Duffy
      scruffy Duffy

      @Guds777 same

    • bnetolldnataman

      You’re a deadset legend mate!! Love your work!!👍👍👌👌😎😎

    • idk a name for this
      idk a name for this


    • Noble Reign
      Noble Reign

      7:32 Maybe a UV faux window made from recycled monitors???? Hmmm? Oh and does it act as a faraday cage as well??

    • Blompie TV
      Blompie TV


    Bro I definitely have the space in my back yard but I’m only 13 sadly

  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson

    Where’s the Bathroom

  • ratnick

    The handle attached to a rug on the floor kinda gives it away

  • 9 9 9
    9 9 9

    The question is does it have internet down there

  • Carlos Μillán
    Carlos Μillán

    5:24 the best part of all of it

  • jack strickland
    jack strickland

    The fact that he would have to list it as "bunker with a house attached" 🤣

  • Running Wolf1989
    Running Wolf1989

    You need to build me one, PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Rodiculous

    I'm gonna buy some land and do this kind of thing it's gonna be sick

  • Domo

    What if there was a flood😳

  • Jupiter Jackson
    Jupiter Jackson

    Good in a bombing situation. But a giant microwave in the event of a giant CME! Think I will stick with finding me a cave 😄 🤣 😂

  • Jeter SpaceMan
    Jeter SpaceMan

    2:30 the mat on the floor: KEEP CALM and COME IN Me: well your the one yelling mister.

  • Souske Sagara
    Souske Sagara

    By showing this video you've compromised it. Gotta move it everyone knows where it is now

  • SoyHornet

    Ultimate bang sanctum

  • fendermarshallblues box
    fendermarshallblues box

    cool place to sleep when it´s to warm too sleep in the summer

  • FBI

    The build feels like last year

  • middlefinger logic
    middlefinger logic

    curious why this got 21,000 dislikes.


    Russian maniac Viktor Mokhov also built bunker in his backyard

  • ArgentOrangeOK

    Looks like my Fallout 4 chems lab, but with less holes in the walls and roof.

  • Colin Mackay
    Colin Mackay

    Hello Colin. I'm Colin and from one Colin to another this was awesome.

  • Joel Josiah
    Joel Josiah

    2090: robots are taking over the world and they come too his neighborhood His wife : come on hun it’s finally time to make use of your man cave

  • qs

    Is it bomb proof

  • Hypatia Stanhope
    Hypatia Stanhope


  • Erik de Jong
    Erik de Jong

    Imagine you could invest 10 million in this

  • Banned4Life88

    You’ve missed an ideal opportunity to start a weed farm...

  • Alexander Coury
    Alexander Coury

    Gonna be honest the second he said you should probably subscribed, i subscribed 😂👏🏻🤘🏻

  • John S
    John S

    12deg's .... seems bloody cold.

  • Avicenna Ren
    Avicenna Ren

    Hello people who will find this video in their recommended

  • Ala Hamodi
    Ala Hamodi


  • - D4rkJuce
    - D4rkJuce

    It's just a incredible good designed manes room

  • Nathan Harris
    Nathan Harris

    Too bad ur in Europe and if someone wants to come take all that from u you wouldn't have a gun to defend your family/belongings

  • bob analhair
    bob analhair

    What the hell id a family salud

  • Andie 4U2
    Andie 4U2

    I have GOT to find a place like that. I'd never leave. Make noise. Tinker. Crank the jams. AWESOME.

  • Joshua Guzzetta
    Joshua Guzzetta

    Nice hotbox bro fat clouds

  • Christian Avallone
    Christian Avallone

    This the OG Roman Atwood

  • Retro Bang
    Retro Bang

    This shi dope😭

  • Lando Mk
    Lando Mk

    Talk about a man cave!! Lol I want one

  • Ask Brett!
    Ask Brett!

    You can clean the bunk from paper and soap like down best

  • Wayne Wood
    Wayne Wood

    You could add a surface camera pointed to the sky plus locations feeding back to a make believe window/TV/MONITOR. But you probably already have thought of that. lol

  • Mike Druce
    Mike Druce


  • Johnny skys
    Johnny skys

    You made this video and the world went into lock down lol.

  • WillDeal

    Anyone getting watch dogs legion vibes here?

  • slappadabass

    Does the trap door lock from the inside? Mag lock perhaps? Could be useful to keep the rage zombies from coming down and ruining your expensive hole.

  • Liz Maher
    Liz Maher


  • john D
    john D

    This lad here makes bunkers looks almost and fun to make and have which is important to learn how to past the time

  • cinnreds18

    Why do the houses behind your garden disappear and reappear

  • emvids

    How do you get oxygen down there? What did the neighbors say when you were building this awesome bunker??

  • Einstein Einstein
    Einstein Einstein

    You need guns......lots of guns!!!!

  • ayy lmaoo
    ayy lmaoo

    Neighbors: the hell is he doing now

  • Matt Zaremba
    Matt Zaremba

    *during the apocalypse* Survivors: sshh do you hear that? This guy: “muffled guitar sounds” Survivors: is that zeppelin?

    • jordanj daboss
      jordanj daboss


  • Mister Pimlott
    Mister Pimlott

    But.... is there wifi down there🤣

  • Smiggerk

    Tell me why exactly you built a bunker in your back yard

  • premetyme

    Smartest investment ever

  • MrKickasser

    You sounds like you have english accent to me, so I thought you are englishman.

  • Brendan Yuki
    Brendan Yuki

    Put a few cans of food in their and you will have your self a world war 3 safe house

  • Andre Givenchy운명
    Andre Givenchy운명

    9:10 me vaping in my room be like

  • David Rivard
    David Rivard

    What a waste. At least turn it into a doomsday bunker.

  • Adrien Leis
    Adrien Leis

    I wish I had my own private bunker to just go and escape in times like much crazy shit going on

  • Mark Walder
    Mark Walder

    windows are a good idea and not difficult to do, put cameras at your living room window and your kitchen window for example, and have them linked to large TV screens set inside a window frame, even fix a fan inside on a switch so if the window is opened it triggers the fan to cause a light breeze, go on Colin, do it!!! it will also make it feel less claustrophobic one would think anyway. :)

  • patrick771

    Looked like you had some ancient stone walls underneath your garden. And you simply destroyed them :)

  • So It Goes
    So It Goes

    A dream for a serial killer.

  • Alexis Castelli
    Alexis Castelli


  • Mo Man
    Mo Man

    imagine a hotbox in there....

  • Drone Trucker
    Drone Trucker

    Overkill, great project but your obviously not a poor man lol

  • Khaled Zaidan
    Khaled Zaidan

    damn! how did you get all the furniture down there?! Sometimes you'd struggle to get things into a regular flat!

  • Ray Clam
    Ray Clam

    Your neighbours must love you.

  • Father Tom Hanks
    Father Tom Hanks

    Just add a Mario warp pipe and its complete

  • solartea

    how does he air?

  • RundownOyster

    The coolest part is that you'd have to sell it as a bunker with a house on it

  • Rick Timmons
    Rick Timmons

    2021 march---- checking in. did you hide in there? Covid filters?

  • Rick Timmons
    Rick Timmons

    how do you keep fresh air? co2 filter system? water storage and refresher? separate power system...fuel storage? crapper, waste disposal, air filter? where do you keep 5 years of supplies? just asking.

  • The Vageek
    The Vageek

    Where's ferb

  • Meme_god

    Wait. It’s been 5 years?

  • Aznarder Slaxxxer
    Aznarder Slaxxxer

    This a guy trades off of an image that he’s a good twenty years older than - the INfun equivalent of dad dancing. “When it takes you all night to do what you used to do all night - you’re the infest swinger in town”

  • Double Oh 7
    Double Oh 7

    Where's the air from? Where's the water from? Bomb proof maybe, but you'll suffocate and die of thirst while you're there lol good job though 👍

  • Confuzlex3

    I’m an introvert so I think of some very dark shit when I see this 🤣🤣🤣

  • SNES Head
    SNES Head

    I love this idea well done sir!

  • Roger Beaumont
    Roger Beaumont

    Great bunker, but wadda tw4t, I’m guessing while he’s down there playing with toys, his wife will be getting greased by his mates

  • Bear Gaming
    Bear Gaming

    He has toilet paper but has to toilet 🤡😹😹😹😹😂😂😂😂

  • Fred Flintstone
    Fred Flintstone

    Stop building bunkers and burying yourselves. I was still digging up bitches in barrels in 2012 that were still hiding from Y2k.

  • Gaster Grows
    Gaster Grows

    *"And they cried to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of the one who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb."* -Revelation 6:16


    If Phil Dunphy didn't have Claire holding him back

  • Ken Caro
    Ken Caro

    Spencer from iCarly 10 yrs later

  • john smith
    john smith

    Let's not but say we did...

  • Sonin64 !
    Sonin64 !

    The first bunker where explosions happen inside of it

  • Michael Crisp
    Michael Crisp

    The British dude has a general lee on his desk. Lol

  • Oh my quite preposterous
    Oh my quite preposterous

    I think he took man cave literally

  • Roadking65

    I'd rather had a built in pool installed so my kids could enjoy the backyard.

  • Night Time
    Night Time

    Need 1 of these , go hide in it watch the match few lines few beers , heaven!

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob

    Best hotbox

  • Nolas Online
    Nolas Online

    This may be one of the coolest things I've ever seen on INfun! lol

  • Michael Shelly-Rogers
    Michael Shelly-Rogers

    DRUMS. UNDERGROUND. Ground breaking.

  • Jill's Sandwiches
    Jill's Sandwiches

    Left haven't watched this channel in like 5+ years and this popped up in my recommended

  • Smallie Cheese
    Smallie Cheese

    9:12 auschwitz 1942 colourized

  • derrick lavoie
    derrick lavoie

    What were you doing the day a light bulb showed up above your head and the idea of building an underground bunker was in your thought cloud?

  • Jack Shields
    Jack Shields

    0:18 the houses disappeared 😯

  • Sergio Leyva
    Sergio Leyva

    😢 perfection

  • Jackson Gabel
    Jackson Gabel

    Poor neighbors

  • Jake Boi
    Jake Boi

    I swear this man will start making nuclear shelters

  • Rainbow Ram
    Rainbow Ram

    Do you plan to do anything involving vr with the place