Corona Virus Isolation Box
Stay safe furze army and hope you don't end up needing the Furze Isolation Box!!!!
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  • colinfurze

    Hope this is informative as well as entertaining, hope this all passes you by as best as possible. Stay Healthy Furzearmy.

    • Noel Jacob
      Noel Jacob

      Epic Furze

    • GrieferGuy


    • sweet Kwt
      sweet Kwt

      @J Bell u know nothing

    • sweet Kwt
      sweet Kwt


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      Save the Corona Virus!

  • Enzo 0203
    Enzo 0203

    its... beautiful...

  • LackBrain

    Dartboard should be on a ceiling rail, so you don't have to get out of bed to get your darts back.

  • Not Big boi
    Not Big boi

    This guy is the real Toni stark

  • Jessica Rentover
    Jessica Rentover

  • Daniel Watson
    Daniel Watson

    a year on and still in lockdown

  • QuintenTheKing

    Imagine that this is allready 11 months old

  • M K
    M K

    My father need this

  • Marley Goes gaming
    Marley Goes gaming

    This man won’t notice the apocalypse happening around him when it happens

  • wwave

    11 months ago

  • New Era Horns
    New Era Horns

    Opening that window defeats the purpose of the isolation box

  • Thomas Ballard
    Thomas Ballard

    That should be a thing to use in camping because you can do everything in their

  • Patrick Sawyer
    Patrick Sawyer

    Two weeks. *One year later*

  • Skullgames98

    Yay a holiday house

  • Just a orange with a Peel
    Just a orange with a Peel

    Some nice brain cancer right there 3:27

  • MCFN Ace
    MCFN Ace

    Hello again everyone

  • James Pickens
    James Pickens

    This is a question for Colin Furze. How much would you sell one of these isolation boxes for? Thanks!

  • stuart sturgess
    stuart sturgess

    I bought a Scott FFR gas mask and I live alone I've had the vaccine now

  • kitty doll
    kitty doll

    Ha Ha Ha you funny!

  • lukasz podelski
    lukasz podelski

    I hope you get in and wont come out for ever.

  • Grant Michaels
    Grant Michaels

    'Two weeks will be a breeze' Still in lockdown 1 year later

  • Ramiel Ray M. PALIMA
    Ramiel Ray M. PALIMA

    i love it, you make me happy when u make somtin

  • Nelson Glover
    Nelson Glover

    Put it on the Delorean to make James May and his Lotus jealous

  • Square Panel
    Square Panel

    1:15 haha

  • Sam Alfie Musgrove
    Sam Alfie Musgrove

    “Two weeks will be a breeze” this comment aged like milk

  • Ber Hasil
    Ber Hasil


  • Thomas Hatton
    Thomas Hatton

    I am in the year 2021 And there was two lockdowns I’m in the second one and we are finally going back to school it’s the 8th of March 2021

  • Bass_Monkey8

    1:14 lol

  • Kerbal X
    Kerbal X

    This man will survive everything

  • Woww

    this... is almost a year ago... it went by that fast?

  • Jacob Obert
    Jacob Obert

    from what i'm told by americans who visit england, this is just a standard hotel room

  • Filip Fiki Salopek
    Filip Fiki Salopek

    This is also really good and awfully at the same time.

  • BoxheadRed

    I kinda want on

  • #BatWho Laughs
    #BatWho Laughs

    The shower literally dropping into the whole box

  • #BatWho Laughs
    #BatWho Laughs

    That fake hand

  • Aiden Anderko
    Aiden Anderko

    That just seems like a tree house with extra steps

  • James 6510
    James 6510

    It’s sad to think that this was made 11 months ago

  • Andrew Wang
    Andrew Wang

    I really wouldn’t mind sleeping there

  • Not connor Hodgson
    Not connor Hodgson


  • Alienengine107 harrison
    Alienengine107 harrison

    Me: how could he possibly make this dangerous? (Crane proceeds to lift box)

  • Magnus Kjær
    Magnus Kjær

    Well we all know why the toilet paper is there and in the location it is....

  • James George
    James George

    I want this to be my coffin😂

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    가온고등학교: 나온중학교:

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    I was Graduated the high School and Boarded Airport Railroad first time at this year but... Spreaded of Coachella Virus!

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    I'm Confirmed Completely!(COVID19/Coachella)

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    I need this Virus Isolation Box

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    Coachella Virus Isolation Airplane(Covid Isolation Airplane)

  • Dashing

    Why do you sound like grade a under a

  • Unknown

    It’s like a tree hose

  • Unknown


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    Coachella Virus Isolation Airplanes (Coachella-COVID)

  • Athanasius Bender
    Athanasius Bender

    I dont trust that toilet seat

  • Natthapat Hemprommaraj
    Natthapat Hemprommaraj

    May you made attag on titan gear odm with a gas that can use real and I whant to made it real it my dream

  • Marvin Vergara
    Marvin Vergara

    You are basically Jeff from Earthbound.

  • ziyad alqufaidi
    ziyad alqufaidi

    im from ksa

  • Eric Dore
    Eric Dore

    "2 weeks will be a breeze" yes 2 weeks

  • Cyrus Kayulu
    Cyrus Kayulu

    the way he spelled quarantine🤣

  • Adrian Guibu
    Adrian Guibu

    Shoulve put pedals into the box so u can light up something inside it and truly exercise lol

  • Introvert Airways
    Introvert Airways

    “2 Weeks of this will be a breeze” Little did we know...

  • Dalec81

    ... and a year later.

  • scottyGG

    " sorry grandma, get in the box

  • Bland Oats
    Bland Oats

    Oh boi, watchin this in 2021

  • Captain Spikey Beard
    Captain Spikey Beard

    Colin is the ultimate prepar

  • Harry Morrison
    Harry Morrison

    corlin I love your videos

    • Creeper TV
      Creeper TV

      Does watshin how to make ewry thimg

  • Jmx_bikes5860

    Lockdown again lol 10 months later

  • Jusma900

    what it costs

  • Brawl Stars Leaks Auf Deutsch
    Brawl Stars Leaks Auf Deutsch

    So cccccooooooollllllllllll

  • Floofer

    UK Cabient wathcing this be like : Take Notes Take Notes

  • Paul Nixon
    Paul Nixon

    All fake



  • NOT THE karate kid
    NOT THE karate kid

    We're hunting for toilet paper and He's FLEXING ON US

  • Matej Hantabál
    Matej Hantabál

    this video 10 months ago: 😂🤣🤪 this video now: 😷

  • Jake Pinder
    Jake Pinder

    10 months down the line Colin is still in his isolation box 😂😂

  • Thebestcreator

    you need to make a controllable set of drones that can change colour and make images in the sky

  • Parker Teeter
    Parker Teeter

    Can we just appreciate that this video is 4 minutes and 44 seconds long?

  • Pepop

    That guy looks like notch in the vehicle at 2:51

  • Sir Dorito Muncher
    Sir Dorito Muncher

    I remember watching this when coronavirus was a funny thing that would be over by summer.

  • Sonox _HD
    Sonox _HD


  • 건우 Geon-u VN &예준 Ye-jun VN
    건우 Geon-u VN &예준 Ye-jun VN

    this stupit oml...

  • Just Jack
    Just Jack

    2:59 that has to be scary

  • Supermarsu

    I want this

  • Manna Batth
    Manna Batth

    Wish my life was as happy as urs 😌

  • kelly hall
    kelly hall

    3:11 its Gordon Ramsey at home

  • kelly hall
    kelly hall

    I want this

  • TL Music
    TL Music

    This guy would survive any apocalypse

  • Ryan Tofsrud
    Ryan Tofsrud

    I’ll take your entire stock

  • Ömer korkmaz
    Ömer korkmaz


  • Tyler Goalkeeping2009
    Tyler Goalkeeping2009

    You should make this a car to drive around in or able to fly

  • Shayan Streaming
    Shayan Streaming

    This guy kinda looks like boris johnson

  • Nothing LP
    Nothing LP

    Furzearmy XD in germany Furz means fart Xd

  • Chris Oldhams
    Chris Oldhams

    You need to make a 2.0 version!

  • Ad Revenueplease
    Ad Revenueplease

    Can i have one?

  • Pavić D
    Pavić D

    Corona virus doesn't exist!

    • Pavić D
      Pavić D

      @Horst what now?

    • Horst

      Ok. And now?

  • Wiktor Musialik
    Wiktor Musialik

    Gamer box*

  • Cyrax is me
    Cyrax is me

    I thought this video was a few years old, I watched at the beginning of the pandemic, time is going slow

  • Paididgon London
    Paididgon London

    Oi mate where food?

  • Jackdeannn 7
    Jackdeannn 7

    You should have called it the isolation station

  • Jack Hart 1
    Jack Hart 1


  • sully the cat
    sully the cat

    Virus sold sepertly

  • Minecraft Dragon
    Minecraft Dragon

    This is just amazing