HUGE Trebuchet/Catapult Tested to Destruction
With a New Sling she works a treat......But what can we hit and what can we throw....???
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Drone shots by Mr Kopter-cam himself
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  • colinfurze

    We have battled the Weather and assorts but we fired it till it broke haha, fires a good 250m+ every time but we can add more weight once fixed and get more power with some fine tuning. CAN we Ever fire the CAR???? Thanks again to Xbox Game Pass for PC for sponsoring this video! Be sure to check out Age of Empires: Definitive Collection and many other great games on Xbox Game Pass for PC here =

    • Pete Timbrell
      Pete Timbrell

      Ey Furze. There's got to be a world record attempt here somewhere, surely.

    • Jonathan Tlumach
      Jonathan Tlumach

      Now we now who started the fires

    • AD Ethan DIX
      AD Ethan DIX

      Throw a ballistics jell human

    • Douglas Parkinson
      Douglas Parkinson

      for fortification destruction, the question is less how accurate it is, more how fast it can fire

    • Joseph Spence
      Joseph Spence

      Fill a ball with explosives, then cover it with thermite, set it in fire and throw it on the trebuchet.

  • Gerhard van Eeden
    Gerhard van Eeden

    Your outtro is fkn brilliant! Sub no 10.9m + 1.

  • Gerhard van Eeden
    Gerhard van Eeden

    I CANNOT believe that I have never heard of you! What an awesome production. And I'm high for the first time in a LONG time, so it's a double bonus. You are fkn hilarious!

  • Galaxy Gamer
    Galaxy Gamer

    Мамикс на максималках

  • Чё Бля
    Чё Бля


  • hammad mughal
    hammad mughal

    This guy have to be the next new operator of rainbow 6 seige

  • Neco

    MANYAksınız lan.

  • Hydro Link
    Hydro Link

    Now i know who killed the dinosaurs!

  • Ramm90

    trabuquiano tudo

  • SCP

    Now build snail trebuchet

  • A Sallé
    A Sallé

    That brave Peugeot probably didn't deserve to be treated so badly

  • Олег Стольников
    Олег Стольников

    Каскадера надо было запустить

  • shadowmergence

    Furze! I know I'm late to the barbecue, but if you're going for distance you should shorten that sling by a few feet- longer slings get you great height but not so much distance, that's why you had a great big arc but it was chucking stuff into the ground...

  • Jasper Pipes
    Jasper Pipes

    I'm so old, I can remember when Colin actually built stuff for the excitement rather than trying to please sponsors....

  • Spiegelradtransformation

    So stupid.

  • James Darn
    James Darn

    Just amazing!

  • MaxiTugBoat

    I got an ad for car insurance midway through this video. Seems useful

  • The Dawsons Memes
    The Dawsons Memes

    Do a Nokia 3310

  • kabul kajate
    kabul kajate

    Colin you are crazy One ever, but we are enjoy 1by 1 your Demontration👍👍keep insane 👌👌

  • Voidgazer

    as a farmer it really hurts me how you damaged the soil =( if you made this video in dry conditions the damage would have been substancially less

  • Nathanael Horton
    Nathanael Horton

    Should launch a bunch of fireworks off it

  • Justus Jonas
    Justus Jonas

    Love the Aoe music in the video.

  • Khawam Essa
    Khawam Essa

    I think you are English Dave in GTA 5

  • koczisek

    A terribly annoying gob you have. I'd be properly satisfied only after that belt caught your pantleg. WHOOOAAAA... you could play Age of Empires in that caravan!

  • Willitrandom

    This is badass.

  • cluxter -
    cluxter -

    5:50 This Avenger video recording style is the best real video effect I've ever seen. Hollywood usually needs FX to do this kind of stuff.

  • João Vieira
    João Vieira

    BeamNG 😂🤞

  • hedutin

    Rip that Peugeot 406.

  • qaraiders

    Thanks for a good laugh!

  • lw88

    4:40 gypsy ups

  • Денис Кица
    Денис Кица

    Крейзи Мен)))

  • Ononymous Figure
    Ononymous Figure

    Colin your very funny

  • M chanell
    M chanell

  • Chris S
    Chris S

    Surprised no one got killed, that engine stunt looked a bit iffy for you being so close lol

  • චාමික මදුශාන්
    චාමික මදුශාන්


  • fla playa
    fla playa

    So good! And we all thank you for not putting ads every 20 seconds like a lot of others. Solid massive slinging cars fun.

  • cris dlcruz
    cris dlcruz

    I think he has my share of fun i have in a month in an entire day.

  • Martin Hagalen
    Martin Hagalen


  • Rinnzu Rosendale
    Rinnzu Rosendale

    Props to that excellent drone pilot.

  • Murty

    Ngl u are my inspiration to get into engineering

  • L I N D S E Y M U S I C
    L I N D S E Y M U S I C

    6:40 i literally felt the battle of Narnia

  • Rbn Souto
    Rbn Souto

    Is that a Peugeot 406 2.0 HDI?! It was a nice car!! xD

  • James Green
    James Green

    Giant lawn darts! Make it happen.

  • laili fitriana
    laili fitriana

    This is why trebuchet always have a bad reloading time

  • Tiktok Fails
    Tiktok Fails

    Sehr sehr coole kameraführung

  • Hibah Price
    Hibah Price

    Do when it is two, or better three times more trebuchet !!! To metal shells hundreds of meters

  • Japan rust Far far east
    Japan rust Far far east

    Trebu SCHIT

  • 7zfk

    He’s a adult stuck in a child’s body

  • Arizona Jewell
    Arizona Jewell

    I love how colin furze never calmed down. I've been watching him since his old videos where he put pulse jets on damn near anything he could, I love seeing that he's just as crazy as he's always been. Absolute fuckin legend.

  • Акрам Гойсултанов
    Акрам Гойсултанов

    # catapults

    • Акрам Гойсултанов
      Акрам Гойсултанов


  • Vincent

    pretty inaccurate weapon to be sure. Guess that's why they only use it for miles of walls

  • Baldrick

    you have to remember that they were built to hit things whaich are slightly bigger than cars and pallets... like Castles.

  • まいっち


  • fly the sky
    fly the sky


  • Vadkani

    As I knew this Colin Furze guy, he will make a neutron star in the garage to support this trebuchet, to shoot some heavier things...

  • dylan wight
    dylan wight

    I love trebuchets and I love age of empires thanks mate

  • BelugaNF-Fly

    Warum schreit der so......

  • Lance !
    Lance !


  • Austin Lawn mower man Lund I am a Christian
    Austin Lawn mower man Lund I am a Christian

    You know you disconnect a lot of stuff to get the Engine out. And you have to disconnect the wires how dare you got to that car fire in the whole

  • Dragan Cetojevic
    Dragan Cetojevic


  • Mic Chicken
    Mic Chicken

    When are you gonna sit in the strap😂🤣

  • Mike Barber
    Mike Barber

    What kind of straps did you use to build the sling? Looking to build a smaller scale version.

  • Ben Oblique
    Ben Oblique

    Fire your self lol

  • Cosmotelu Meu
    Cosmotelu Meu

    It.s like brainiak10 years ago

  • M J
    M J

    i appreciate the age of empires 2 music

  • Joker Cat
    Joker Cat

    How about that guy that films stuff landing like 3 meters away from him

  • Michael仔

    The drone shots were pretty nice

  • syahrir mauluddin
    syahrir mauluddin

    Wow amazing from indonesia like

  • john greene
    john greene

    Lov the videos hate the music

  • Surfing on my dreams
    Surfing on my dreams

    Night shots were seriously medieval !!!

  • David Ryder
    David Ryder

    Fling an upright piano like on Northern Exposure. They also flung a coffin.

  • allen vaughn
    allen vaughn

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    So nice

  • Drdoom86 Li
    Drdoom86 Li

    Is mr beast sponsoring this video

  • Mérill Gilbert
    Mérill Gilbert

    An English trebuchet firing at a peugeot car, so a french stuff As a French guy that make me thinks to these old times :p Azincourt, crécy etc. lol

  • J Hazo
    J Hazo

    Darn i like this music

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers

    4:48 is a really nice shot. You can see the damage right through the window.

  • Pietro Punzi
    Pietro Punzi

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  • Mark Ziemba
    Mark Ziemba

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  • XboxKian

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    Three wheeler boyz


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    Chuy Colins

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  • Jerrell Bevers
    Jerrell Bevers

    Man castle seiges must have been an awesome affair....from the outside....

  • Paul Setzer
    Paul Setzer

    @colinfurze jbc lift issue just install a decent wench and a cam for the cable and you can lift just about anything into firing position with that giant lever you built. That's why the trebuchet was used so much.

  • Ian Beel
    Ian Beel

    Aww. Could have played age of empires on that...

  • Nick Dodson
    Nick Dodson

    Should really look into why it's so inconsistent.

  • Jaquariuss Quontavious Jermichael Jr
    Jaquariuss Quontavious Jermichael Jr

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  • SkySK

    The xiantiaaaaa nooooooooooooooo xD


    What about using a large basket, made of your choice of materials, instead of the sling to catapult things? Depending on the weight of your ammunition I think that it might improve your accuracy. Just a thought.

  • MrNuts1985

    Attach a zorb and launch a person

  • Connor notyerbidness
    Connor notyerbidness

    I never knew how much i wanted to see an engine get ripped out of a car by a trebuchet til now

  • janneman

    I just had a brilliant idea! How about making a modern ballista (giant crossbow) but modern compound technology with fiberglass/carbon legs and cams you could use ski's for legs!


    i watched this on mute, and the dude was still too

  • Complete Bagel
    Complete Bagel

    As Britons you should have gotten Warwolf trebs for the splash damage. Would've helped you a lot it seems.

  • filvrcity

    He might have about 500000 dólars only on tools

  • Jan Grewe
    Jan Grewe

    That quad pilot is incredible. Hard to imagine how he was able to keep track of the objects with the typical abysmal FPV goggle resolution. Respect.

  • T. Rose
    T. Rose

    Could you launch a some dead bodies like back in the day, the morgues are over flowing shouldn't be a problem getting a few.

  • notcoolatall

    In the US, the leading cause of fires are gender reveal parties. In the UK, it's Colin

  • gavin lvingston
    gavin lvingston

    I could of lived in that trailer smh

  • Oskaroffical

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