It's Finished and it looks a beauty so we had to chuck a few Jet engines in for good measure.
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  • Rob N
    Rob N

    Google translate: Furze (german)

  • Elizabeth Maldonado
    Elizabeth Maldonado

    This guy had me at the 60ph scooter i was all in by then he's great at inventing eBay got lucky👍awesome

  • Michael Wharton
    Michael Wharton

    I really hoped he would say "May the Furze be with you!" at the end, but he should have!

  • Vania Souza
    Vania Souza

    Amazing 🤣🤣🤣😁

  • alex harvey
    alex harvey

    Maybe get a electric car battery/engine from a use car and repurpose it for it.

  • Michael Rich
    Michael Rich

    That looks so cool 😎

  • SintiPilot


  • wjewell63

    You are a legend my friend

  • Casey Howden
    Casey Howden

    Now this is pod racing


    Cool, but where do you store the golf clibs?

  • Stevie Hoblyn
    Stevie Hoblyn

    I still don't understand how you don't work for nasa

  • Neyonius

    If you do update it I would really recommend a wider wheelbase and stiffer shocks, that vehicle, while awesome looked a bit tippy at times.

  • Justus Turunen
    Justus Turunen

    If he is my dad i will maby become the colin furze junior.

  • todd krueger
    todd krueger

    UR the son I never had!!!...................:)

  • Gary Beilby
    Gary Beilby

    There's no way he's got the scale right. That is a tiny X34. Sorry, had to say it.

  • jbgearhead

    This guy Cracks me up man 🤣

  • Michael Brownlee
    Michael Brownlee

    This guy could of had his own television show back in the day.

  • Мирской Персик
    Мирской Персик

    Crazy man

  • Mark Burton
    Mark Burton

    The quad bike from Prometheus!

  • hurricanes hurricanes
    hurricanes hurricanes

    2.43 laughing with tears!😂 4.1k 👎seriously? Dark force?

  • reelmedia tapes
    reelmedia tapes


  • Private Person
    Private Person

    Were you still a star wars fan after seeing rise of Skywalker or did the last Jedi do it ?

  • pilotkeith321

    Make a super sonic car


    years from now if u see colin in space no need to asking, hes definitely build a deathstar.

  • evil elf
    evil elf

    certifiable and batshit barmy.....but ya gotta love him.he's definately off his

  • Felipe Siabatto
    Felipe Siabatto

    Make an impirial troop transport

  • Bodale Laurentiu-Marius
    Bodale Laurentiu-Marius

    Don"t forget to attach afterburners and vector thrust to get coerners much smooth!

  • Ric o
    Ric o

    If you crash the speeder, your head will be chopped off instantly.

  • Daniel W
    Daniel W


  • Roy Arianto
    Roy Arianto

    I think its better with the chrome 1..

  • Clayton Holton
    Clayton Holton

    Now that was entertainment!

  • Screwdriver440

    it needs to fly

  • Satharel

    that windshield will cut his head off on crash... Just saying.

  • Jurie Gryffenberg
    Jurie Gryffenberg

    ...and cool dad of the year award goes to ...

  • Roger Emerson
    Roger Emerson

    What a wanker

    • Geordie Hibbert
      Geordie Hibbert

      have you seen the t-shirt icons on the recent video? You seem to be very knolagable about this man and his videos and I was just wondering if you knew.

  • John Valdez
    John Valdez

    Luke: How real can you make the land speeder? Colin: Yes!

  • Electric Deckhead
    Electric Deckhead

    exactly why A.D.H.D should remain untreated.

  • Grady Harper
    Grady Harper

    you should make sure Jay Leno gets to drive this thing it's amazing Colin maybe contact him on Instagram

  • Bob Sport
    Bob Sport

    Put 3 aircraft jet engines into it lol

  • Jeremiah Alvarez
    Jeremiah Alvarez

    Is it for sale can u buy one that's cool


    theres a dude at ren faire in so ca who took a mazda miata and made it a land speeder. looks so cool, Even has a working rs unit in the space behind the cock pit. Street legal. I asked him if he ever gets pulled over, he said a couple times a week but only got one ticket so far. He even added a light saber holder on the center divider

  • Trumpisacrybaby dictator Narcissis
    Trumpisacrybaby dictator Narcissis

    You better hope you never hit anything because if you come to a dead stop your forehead from your eyes up is going to get cut in half by that windshield

  • Jamaelah HT
    Jamaelah HT

    Make a sumerien

  • David Peterson
    David Peterson

    I think this one fell short of you.. I think you can do much better or do I have Too high of beliefs in your abilities ?? If you had put that little thought in your other projects I wouldn't have started following you... You do Good Work, Do that.

  • Solaris Moon
    Solaris Moon

    At least SOMEONE is able to realise their dreams. GOD knows that I'll NEVER live long enough to!! Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us.

  • Jimyjames - Model Locos / Bike Rides / Exploring
    Jimyjames - Model Locos / Bike Rides / Exploring

    Very realistic 🙂🚂🚂🚂

  • Albert Orsel
    Albert Orsel

    It would-be be very cool if it could hover and steer with some of those engines from the hoverboard video. It should be possible.

  • R. Crosby Lyles
    R. Crosby Lyles

    Who gives a s**t? It's Got Wheels!

  • Art Swanson
    Art Swanson

    The land speeder was left hand drive

  • Baltzar Clarito
    Baltzar Clarito

    Nice invention

  • lastmanxa

    i am jealous :'(

  • George Cyclist
    George Cyclist

    Awesome build guys! I've been a metal worker my whole life, and I must say your curved panels turned out so nicely. It's probably a bit heavy, but certainly sturdy. With a tig welder and semi-soft aluminium sheet, the metalwork would be almost two thirds lighter, and easier to form. The speeder should be on display for sure.

  • jbirdmax

    Me thinks he missed the scale by about 20%

  • Tecnotrucker80

    Aaaaawesome Work Dude, you could never do such Things in Germany. We have this Rod-in-Ass Bureaucrats in every Instances. God save The Queen!

  • Lonnie Hill
    Lonnie Hill

    “So what did you do over the weekend?” “Made a land speeder”

  • Jared Fischer
    Jared Fischer

    You gotta drift with that.

  • 闘将ダイモス

    6:00 That girl filming looks like Padmé!

  • Graze 117
    Graze 117

    So...when's the collab between hacksmith industry and colinfurze?

  • ForgetYou

    Just think of what could happen if Colin was suddenly a top military official.

  • Bee Hambonio
    Bee Hambonio

    Well, it's not like he actually made it to Toshi Station to get some power converters.

  • Maarten Linden
    Maarten Linden

    The rise of Skywalker is a cool movie 😛

  • Keelan Stabile
    Keelan Stabile

    That guy is a genius inventor

  • a2p69

    your bloody bonkers but i love you;-)

  • Ezequiel Piacenza
    Ezequiel Piacenza


  • SeFlyingFaultier

    Did he just say: To celebrate The Rise Of Skywalker?

  • flynn vlogs
    flynn vlogs

    Grab some power converter's

  • Biking like woodworkers
    Biking like woodworkers

    you dropped a coin in the market lol

  • Arlene S.
    Arlene S.

    Nice, can you build the cars in the 1965 scifi Wild Wild Planet?

  • tomguy5687 # random things, clocks
    tomguy5687 # random things, clocks

    he should build the millennium falcon

  • Raymond Barraclough
    Raymond Barraclough

    It would need reg number

  • Raymond Barraclough
    Raymond Barraclough

    Would need to be made road legal

  • Raymond Barraclough
    Raymond Barraclough

    Hi is it for sale Land speeder

  • David Herron
    David Herron

    Makes me wonder if you could not make it hover in the same way a harrier jump jet does lol

  • tim sears
    tim sears

    You have just become my favorite you tuber channel. Can i buy that landspeeder ? Please please!

  • Brooks Wilson
    Brooks Wilson

    i am speed

  • Dovio 04
    Dovio 04

    Imagine seeing this in the driveway

  • Hoffi Fighter
    Hoffi Fighter

    He looks a lot like Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan!

  • Supercarlsunday

    We've got jet engines 😂😂😂... mental, what a bloke 🤘👊👍👍

  • Shelly Enyart
    Shelly Enyart

    Is it just me or should colin and mark rover do a collaboration ?🤔

  • Lachlan Hodgkinson
    Lachlan Hodgkinson

    Upgrade it now



  • Ray Bedtelyon
    Ray Bedtelyon

    Looks cool. But can you make it hover?

  • securityrobot

    That’s marvellous

  • Steven Wellwood
    Steven Wellwood

    Police: pulls Colin over Colin: “this is not the car you’re looking for”

  • Capt. Gus RH
    Capt. Gus RH

    Lol outstanding

  • francis klambauer
    francis klambauer

    I think you are an AMAZING fellow!...............Can i ask? Where you born into money$ Or are you just a very smart self-made man?

  • Rique810

    Jesus Christ loves you God bless family

  • A persun that has a ridiculously long profile name
    A persun that has a ridiculously long profile name

    4:07 no wheels huh?

  • Erik S
    Erik S

    something tells me that this guy like star wars...

  • Taylor Troyanne
    Taylor Troyanne

    Where can I buy this things

  • random guy on the internet
    random guy on the internet

    One question, is it road safe? If so WHERE CAN I BUY IT


    Technically that's a jet powered golf cart

  • Brian Cox
    Brian Cox

    4:29 well that was a totally unnecessary fake hand...

  • Womble

    Of course he added jets

  • Presten Todd
    Presten Todd

    Make a lightsaber And C3PO And the millennium Falcon And a stormtrooper laser gun

  • Holden Lee
    Holden Lee

    This man is the real life Rick

  • Meme Boi
    Meme Boi

    This shit street legal

  • Ahnenerbe Thule
    Ahnenerbe Thule

    this guy deserves every cent he earn on you tube and even more good luck colin

  • M C
    M C

    check out the old SSP cars we used to play with. they only had one wheel in the center. the wheel was heavy so you get all that great angular momentum for control. zoom zoom. heck if I know how you'd steer it - probably with a rudder (or just using pressure against the wheel's force). They stayed straight though - and upright. need some small wing skids for when it slowed down though.

  • Aleister Lavey
    Aleister Lavey

    Reduce the friction by make it hovercraft.