MASSIVE Trebuchet/Catapult BUILD
Its as big as we could make it without it getting stuck in the warehouse......
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  • colinfurze

    Outside with the arm fully extended this thing is huge, channel members will get a sneak peak but can't wait to start firing stuff.....but what would you launch from it. Thanks again to Xbox Game Pass for PC for sponsoring this video! Be sure to check out Age of Empires: Definitive Collection and many other great games on Xbox Game Pass for PC here =

    • Jimmy Gresik
      Jimmy Gresik

      How did You (re)build the... T-REXbuchet of Age of Jurassic Empires (clue: The "HORN" roar...)? HAHAHAHA!

    • JamesUKE92

      Wow! Just needed a steering front axle and you could have titled the video “How to get Microsoft to pay for a new custom trailer for Tom Lamb” 👍👍👍

    • Tåbb

      Is that Alec Steele's old band saw you have?

    • Sebastian Denyer Arauz
      Sebastian Denyer Arauz

      Hey what about making some sort of spoon shaped piece for replacement of the straps that failed on the video that came next

    • Илья Найдов
      Илья Найдов

      If you start working on your own Spaceship rocket right now, you'll beat Elon Musk to Mars...

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    Love the fact that the one song is about a guy who likes washing the dishes

  • Natalia Wolniewicz
    Natalia Wolniewicz

    I now wonder if Tom Lamb is Colin's good friend who happens to have a big machinery company or just some local guy who keeps getting hired for this dude's weird projects

  • Nova Rutheniaball
    Nova Rutheniaball

    I wonder how big this is compared to the warwolf...

  • oversized biscuit
    oversized biscuit

    tree bucket

  • TelluricDeepDown

    PewdDiePie watching this: 👁👄👁

  • Ove Bakken
    Ove Bakken

    And people tell me I'm mad ...

  • Ononymous Figure
    Ononymous Figure

    Colin, your hilarious

  • Pumkin Spice
    Pumkin Spice

    I'm convinced Colin is a secret billionare.

  • Industrial Flames
    Industrial Flames

    your vids are the best

  • Alex 5432
    Alex 5432

    I don't belive you did this because the sponser... you did this because Pewds.

  • ADV_hypxr

    This is the British version of that nasa guy mark something

    • ee ee
      ee ee

      I mean, Colin helped Mark with the paint gun iirc

    • ADV_hypxr

      Mark rober

  • Albert Ochoa
    Albert Ochoa

    Age Of Empires II , first thing came to my mind when I saw it.

  • ViperInRed

    Great build! This project inspired me to build an epic wooden bike ramp!

  • Victor Jerry
    Victor Jerry

    Could you try a project of building a Dyno.

  • Furniss Man
    Furniss Man

    I think it’s unfair Xbox can’t use key and mouse for most games but pc is now getting game pass

  • Subzero Pie
    Subzero Pie

    Talk about heavy duty

  • panda4247

    11:17 that seems completely safe. Not.

  • Heaven Toast
    Heaven Toast

    Came here from NitroType!

  • John Kuzma
    John Kuzma

    WTF, that stop motion on the beam was SO SMOOTH! How...?

  • BigMo

    Collin is really struggling to act like a child these days ...he’s growing up. The childish act is soooo forced.

  • Alexander Cutzdeep
    Alexander Cutzdeep

    I would recommend using bpw axles next time on your projects very strong German axles

  • Bobby Benfield
    Bobby Benfield

    You had me excited thinking they were making a new age of empires lol darn

  • Paul Andrews
    Paul Andrews

    It has to be made of wood! Your cheating!

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    10:27 ah yes, the good ol 'safety squint while bending your head away' practice

  • Albin Petschauer
    Albin Petschauer

    Colin Furze is Gordon Ramsay in an alternative universe but instead of food he builds stuff

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu

      Angle grinding steel without eyepro? or earpro?

  • steve johnson
    steve johnson

    Be better with the SoapGirls music

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    10:27 ah yes, the good ol 'safety squint while bending your head away' practice

  • ProfJack

    And next project will be spaceship? :D

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      7:25 - That, there, is precision engineering

  • Rob Charlts
    Rob Charlts

    I didn’t think you were allowing rolling ads Colin ?

  • Bern M
    Bern M

    7:04 I wonder if that was the actual sound of the Tyrannosaurus Rex scene

  • Asger Iversen
    Asger Iversen

    make a bus next time

  • raspberryblue02 Roblox
    raspberryblue02 Roblox

    Why did that scare me 2:53

  • Muhammad Walters
    Muhammad Walters

    If you've watched Sherlock holmes he kind of looks like the detective from there 😂😂

  • Bram vandenbroeck
    Bram vandenbroeck

    Colinfurze is going midieval!

  • Yata Miata
    Yata Miata

    Imagine putting those whells on a miata

  • DBDannyBeeDB Bee
    DBDannyBeeDB Bee

    4:29 his friend has seen him air hump so much now he just tunes it out hahahahahahahaah

  • Reverend George
    Reverend George

    Having watched the video where this thing is tested to destruction, which happened when bearings disintegrated, I'd recommend not welding anywhere near to where bearings are installed. Remove the bearings, do the welding, reinstate the bearings. Heat does a lot more damage than just melting the grease out of them, they are precise bits of kit and a bit of heat can distort them enough to ruin them. I'll not mention the lack of safety precautions which were neglected.

  • Nutjob with a Machete
    Nutjob with a Machete

    Up in the north of Alberta we had to work with pieces that big in the field (don't ask!) and holy hell can it be a pain.

  • Spearfishing Adventures
    Spearfishing Adventures

    Ah, a Fender plate. We have a man of taste here

  • Crypto Trains
    Crypto Trains

    Hey @colinfurze what does it take to be such a hilarious genius like you?

  • Bernard Bruinsma
    Bernard Bruinsma

    Angle grinding steel without eyepro? or earpro?

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    Next build: Pogo stick to the moon, just to dial things back a bit.

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      The pair of beams at the full 13m weigh around 1200kg, not a single 10m beam. That stuff is fukkin heavy though, for sure!!

  • BlackCell22

    Spoiler alert! It doesnt end up working, because they leave the trebuchet on free rolling wheels, which absorb a lot of the would be forward motion. After you fix the sling, put some chocks on the tires, mate!

  • ScruffsMate

    7:25 - That, there, is precision engineering

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy

    Being in Canada... when he says 800 pounds.... I never know if he is talking about money or weight 😂

    • Andrew

      Colin is taking about £ cost


    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      LEGO taken to the next level...

  • RuthlessMojo

    Colin is the master of the celebratory hump.

  • Erik & Jessie Rasmussen
    Erik & Jessie Rasmussen

    @ColinFurze I love your videos brother. I subscribed to XBOX Game pass through your link. Hope that helped you man. I love everything about what you do and your videos. I hope to one day have a shop i can create wonders as you have. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents!

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    Next build: Pogo stick to the moon, just to dial things back a bit.

  • Billy Williams
    Billy Williams

    Who was the Guy cutting the Box Section at the start with no eye protection, Complete Idiot's!!!

    • Billy Williams
      Billy Williams

      @bouytt guyt it was an older guy with grey hair at the start

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      Colin: (Getting sprayed by sparks) Also Colin: /(*3*)/

  • Adam Kelly
    Adam Kelly

    You're mad


    this channel appeared years ago in my recommendations and i clicked for curiosity and stayed because of the safety tie community

  • Yeeto_Bandito

    Just a welding tip, if you’re having to use Mig on big thick steel that HAS to be strong definitely turn the machine up to spray transfer rather than short circuit 🤙🏻

  • Inge

    If youre looking for some AoE merch for yourself or as a gift, you can get it here 😊:

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    No safety tie, I’m telling HSE

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      Surprised you dont wear eyewear when drilling. I know someone who lost his sight in the centre of his vision permanently from a stray piece of metal. Not worth the risk.

  • Kurt Stedman
    Kurt Stedman

    "Seven and hundred fifty pounds a length!" (wonders if he means weight or currency) "Which is a good time to mention the sponsor." (ohhhh now I get it)

  • The Stealthy Destroyer
    The Stealthy Destroyer

    Who else remembers when Colin was on The One Show?

  • Carsten Hilbert
    Carsten Hilbert

    The lack of safety ties in this video is concerning.

  • Bushrat Beachbum
    Bushrat Beachbum

    The pair of beams at the full 13m weigh around 1200kg, not a single 10m beam. That stuff is fukkin heavy though, for sure!!

  • JamesUKE92

    Wow! Just needed a steering front axle and you could have titled the video “How to get Microsoft to pay for a new custom trailer for Tom Lamb” 👍👍👍

  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru Mburu


  • Luca Harwood
    Luca Harwood

    LEGO taken to the next level...

  • Danielle Riley
    Danielle Riley

    Ahhh, the UK. No guns but effective long range siege weapons that have been proven by time and the demise of castles are PERFECTLY OK.

  • gcm747

    This is where British currency becomes confusing. Did the axles COST 800 pound or WEIGH 800 pound?

    • Andrew


  • riley jenkins
    riley jenkins

    If you think about it, its flat pack.

  • Spectral cheese
    Spectral cheese

    Colin: (Getting sprayed by sparks) Also Colin: /(*3*)/

  • Uridimmu Vltozwta
    Uridimmu Vltozwta

    The serious lack of safety in his videos is ridiculous. It is a miracle he has not been maimed, burned, or lost an eye.

  • soinu foig
    soinu foig

    "Its Jurassic park" LMAOOOO🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tom Coker
    Tom Coker

    Love it! You are a wack job.

    • soinu foig
      soinu foig

      The American version of a British man

  • Dedi Rahmadi
    Dedi Rahmadi

    Subtitle indonesia

  • killcharge

    Deus vult

  • volvos60bloke

    Surprised you dont wear eyewear when drilling. I know someone who lost his sight in the centre of his vision permanently from a stray piece of metal. Not worth the risk.

  • Suomalaista Pelailua
    Suomalaista Pelailua

    make spoon ammo spot not metal web or something

  • Alexey

    I assume the way Colin speaks is supposedly funny the it's just too much for a not native speaker to understand

  • Crazydudyman

    Start wearing your glasses before you loose an eye ffs

  • Raiden Okami
    Raiden Okami

    2:26 Words INfun Makers all over live by

  • Börsen Kalender
    Börsen Kalender

    There‘s always one guy overdoing it. Love it Colin 💙

  • Jordan Beagle
    Jordan Beagle

    With all the equipment there, you'd think it's also sponsored by JCB 😄

  • Jordan Beagle
    Jordan Beagle

    9:34 Ah yes, the swingy thing

  • Jordan Beagle
    Jordan Beagle

    6:35 Sus 😉 Looks like a character in Among Us

  • Strange Squad
    Strange Squad

    3:41 that’s what she said🤣

  • pigtailsboy

    Oh no... They're not going to secure the throwing arm before slicing the counter weight are they... Oh god they did...

  • Hi I’m Bob
    Hi I’m Bob

    Colin: bit bit bit bi bit bit bit bit bit Me: ahh yes I understand now

  • Cocobean

    Have not seen full video yet, I'm hoping for a "Wololololo" from Colin!

  • Good_foxx

    The American version of a British man

  • Matthew Hill
    Matthew Hill

    So in England you can't own a handgun, but you can have a trebuchet?

  • Sparkpj

    I really want ColinFurze and DemolitionRanch to do a collaboration. Would love to see Colin destroy more things with his contraptions that Matt does with his tools

  • Sprint955ST

    Make 2020 great and collab with Tom Stanton?

  • MrJef06

    I'm not sure if I am more impressed by the build (which is awesome, no doubt about it!) or that JCB thing!

  • The Brewer Family
    The Brewer Family

    Tom was on Wheeler dealers dream car with his delorean 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Grey Paladin
    Grey Paladin

    Nice Trebuchet. But, about that promotion. Can I pay more to NOT have EAplay included?

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    I knew this sad day would happen eventually. I'm finally all caught up and have to actually wait until the next video is posted.

  • Pug106Quiksliver 16V
    Pug106Quiksliver 16V

    you should make a roller coster or fun fair ride.... you have the wisdom n know how...

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss

      You'll defeat MAN truck by make that chassy. Great job bro

  • Paul B
    Paul B

    Great trebuchet but can I launch Xbox Game Pass in my country?

  • pricey0986

    How are you guna get it out of the barn?

  • I didn’t know what to put here
    I didn’t know what to put here

    Where do you buy your Lincoln electric stuff??

  • rhys brown
    rhys brown

    That plasma cutter is something else😯😯😯

  • little anvetur
    little anvetur

    i mean 7:03

  • little anvetur
    little anvetur

    at 2:03 lol