Tree of Trees
Why DIG a tree up each year when we can grow a tree from a tree...........
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  • colinfurze

    Here we have a little Xmas project, will it all survive and become a mass of different trees or fall apart. Going to plant some different trees like ash, birch etc in spring if it's still alive. Hope your all ready for xmas, I have one more video then its hardcore hydraulics in the new year.

    • Adriana Adnan
      Adriana Adnan

      Stranger : colin u r wearing a tshirt with your name on it? Isnt that narcissistic? Colin: no! Me n all my other personalities love it. Now f@ck off. We are busy building smtg'🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Man if i wasnt in love with elon i'd be stalking him.what u doing today.🤣🤣🤣🤣he wants to do smtg n he just does it. Im considering relocating to uk.its a free country 🤷‍♀️😱

    • Maria Golyanska
      Maria Golyanska

      You a English Mamix version)

    • Stephen Smith
      Stephen Smith


    • Jeremie

      Why don't you make a car or buggy or go kart with a car motor ?

    • Ricko Chugs
      Ricko Chugs

      colinfurze you’re all ready*

  • Colorado Mountain Man
    Colorado Mountain Man

    Way, way too much head banging "music". Totally ruined the video !

  • Sep Fitz
    Sep Fitz

    Yeh Christmas is a gross practice unfortunately (sad to learn this), it's time we grew up. Covers all the deadly sins an we butcher wildlife. You've a good heart man. Swerve the firework celebrations brother as much fun as they are.. They're dirty and cruel arnt they 😑 im sure you could think of something more spectacular anyway.. Somethin better an cleaner. Donno what? Lazers? Fountains? Naa OK that might be rubbish.. There'll be something beautiful in your mind somewhere dig deep 😊👍

  • hecdoods Hecdoods
    hecdoods Hecdoods


  • jeremy H
    jeremy H

    That’s a Norway spruce not a pine

    • jeremy H
      jeremy H

      Good eye

  • Jesse Turney
    Jesse Turney

    Looking forward to seeing it Christmas 2020

  • Bruh Mania
    Bruh Mania

    your music is cringe

    • Bruh Mania
      Bruh Mania

      @Big Man it's called irony tho 😳 also how tf did you find this comment

    • Big Man
      Big Man

      You can’t tell someone their music is cringe when you name is literally bruh mania. Your name is more cringe than INfun rewind 2018

  • SnowingFire

    If trees could play twister I'm sure this would sure tangle thier roots

  • davod valencia
    davod valencia

    7:22. Lol...

  • Jalapeño and Banana Productions
    Jalapeño and Banana Productions

    Tree of trees is a bunch of soil in a shape of a pine tree with grass and trees. Brilliant!


    I am indian lover

  • H3RMiT

    Doesn't he look like Fred or George from HARRY POTTER..

  • Ka'ua 808
    Ka'ua 808

    "Today on Top Gear I help Colin Furze with a tree of trees"

  • Sean Vickery
    Sean Vickery

    for all fellow welders i give a groan that he uses mig instead of stick

  • Ankit Sahu
    Ankit Sahu

    your tie is cooler than my

  • King banana wolf
    King banana wolf

    Imagine finding this after it became huge and being like I wonder who made this

  • Ottie Otter
    Ottie Otter


  • Nathan's Wargames
    Nathan's Wargames

    we'd need trillions of trees planted each year to offset our carbon footprint

  • Mason S
    Mason S

    I wonder how big they could grow?

  • James Hartley
    James Hartley

    Why don't you just use a fake tree like me and use it multiple times

  • Knagencjusz

    is this normal?

  • Mark Hodgson
    Mark Hodgson

    Its very small for 12 years

  • huan carlos
    huan carlos

    How is the tree of trees looking now?

  • Kuldude 420
    Kuldude 420

    Build a tree-seed launcher!

  • Pascal Caesar
    Pascal Caesar

    I wanna see how the tree was

  • Evan Johnson
    Evan Johnson

    Hi best friend

  • Ezio_The_Creator

    I was amazed at the grass. I live in the coastal plain region of America and the grass has half foot long roots and doesn't pick up in entire sheets like that. It just crumbles and tears.

  • Seth Bailey
    Seth Bailey

    Thanks for helping our planet. Mr beast sent us to thank everybody who suggested or promoted to team trees. Plus you are AMAZING

  • MetaNacho

    You should make it rotate!

  • daniel

    I thought you didn't like charity collectors.

  • Carlos Canty
    Carlos Canty

    After 6months how is it doing? Can we get an updated video!

  • Matt the Developer
    Matt the Developer

    ugliest tree ive ever seen. landscape the bottom of it please. thanks. 😍

  • Lazy Potatoシ
    Lazy Potatoシ

    Make a giant tree with trees spinning on it

  • Mr. unknown
    Mr. unknown

    I know u guys also came here from mr beans.

  • Gayla Griffin
    Gayla Griffin

    Tried me Try to make a missal tree

  • Richard Almeida Barcellos
    Richard Almeida Barcellos

    Top !!

  • The Impossible Moose
    The Impossible Moose

    Ya see colin that, not the way trees work some trees don't like growing sideways

  • TrainsAndSirensOfO'Fallon

    Wow, 1.2 Dislikes. People Are Disappointing These Days!

  • Udruga Mladih UMNO
    Udruga Mladih UMNO

    Homo Genialicus.

  • lil' Azoidoid
    lil' Azoidoid

    Who said trees don't grow on trees

  • MatthewDoesStuff

    Anyone else here just before Colin gets 10 million subs

  • Waisea Vunilogologo
    Waisea Vunilogologo

    WHERE IS HIS SAFETY TIE. This is dangerous

  • TheSchmo

    Now you'll have to invent a Mower to Mow your tree.

  • sam lam
    sam lam

    Hihihi, i would like to see the result after 3 months 😊

  • Wooby Clips Ch.
    Wooby Clips Ch.

    big brain moment

  • Egor Laptev
    Egor Laptev

    What ._.?

  • Devan Devan
    Devan Devan

    Obi wan took up some strange hobbies after going into exhile

  • mr Robot
    mr Robot

    Интересный ты мужик!!!

  • Cypher791

    Colin Colin Colin ~,~... dont you be going all eco hipster on me now O_o

    • MrTridac

      Well, he gave this whole thing the verbal finger right in the intro. I'd say fair enough.

  • Ur T0aster
    Ur T0aster

    MISSION PASSED! Respect +

  • R H
    R H

    Did you mod Minecraft to make it look realistic? Because lots of people do this in minecraft

  • Video CubeS
    Video CubeS

    Colin, you should build some crazy mini house

  • Tetsu Tetsu
    Tetsu Tetsu

    Make a tree of trees of trees

  • joako 015
    joako 015

    Quien vino por el videl de richa

  • FellitoRockero

    Is it still alive?

  • RedPistonz

    Colin sacrificed a tree for other trees

  • Mateo cardozo
    Mateo cardozo

    Me pasa el número de tu tranza?

  • angelbabydragon

    Me: Yo dawng, I hear you like trees, so here is a tree inside your tree of trees. Colin: mmmmmmhhhhh🤔 Me: Diorama? Colin: Diorama or dioramas!🤯🤩

  • Amanda

    Some of that money could be going to other places at the moment... Though we still need trees

  • AndysGeneral

    All that equipment but the worst wheel barrow ever

  • Yvngdrvo

    Okay so I can officially say you ARE BY FAR the COOLEST person on planet Earth. That’s no exaggeration.

  • Netexion

    When you realize that the tree was a tree from the start.

  • Alexej Vecera
    Alexej Vecera

    I feel like he is on some good stuff every time he films

  • AIOPM_lover_25

    That’s 100 thousand tree

  • Jalapeno Pepper
    Jalapeno Pepper

    We need more trees for more toilet paper. 😂😂😂

  • Charger ples
    Charger ples

    What a load of rubbish

  • Simon

    Music sucks ..... unsubscribed

  • JDM World
    JDM World

    7:23 😂😂😂 yeet

  • Kerry Lenz
    Kerry Lenz

    Tree seption

  • Richard Leveille
    Richard Leveille

    They're all gonna kill each other.

  • Rockloft Tools
    Rockloft Tools

    At least once a video I'm thinking "what a madman", but at least three times I'm thinking "actually, there's a lot of thought in this madness". Love it.

  • Holy Sh*t
    Holy Sh*t

    This is quite possibly the strangest thing I’ve ever watched...

  • Mohamed kimo
    Mohamed kimo

    I'm mohammed from Morocco i like what you did men

  • Kevin Hwang
    Kevin Hwang


  • JingleJoe

    this is a really good one

  • AalLi_AalLi Flow oF ShiT
    AalLi_AalLi Flow oF ShiT

    Transfer to Russian I From RUSSIA BE VERY RAD

  • gorg gorg
    gorg gorg

    Чувак, ну тебя и убило в конце!!! Видимо хороша была она, ёлочка зелёная!!!!

  • DeNilsPipe

    A "Tree-Dalec" 😂

  • Sako Tasherov
    Sako Tasherov


  • Marko Krstić
    Marko Krstić

    that drill at 3:10 doesn"t know yet hes gonna get what he deserves

  • 高橋保弘


  • Alex Sidney
    Alex Sidney

    did anybody else spot the tall bike at 7:36 ? WHere's the video for this??

  • VolitionCVR MMXCIX
    VolitionCVR MMXCIX

    love how the first song was "murica", that band is honestly amazing, you set me on them months back and just keep showen em!!!

  • Paul Quinn
    Paul Quinn

    Without filling it with dirt that would be a epic birb (bird) cage

  • S o u p
    S o u p

    Imagine taking your dog outside only to see it getting rammed by a random wheel that just went through the fence.

  • Fhdang 897
    Fhdang 897

    Colin Furze: can’t fix a fence but I currently making a tank...

  • Fhdang 897
    Fhdang 897

    I’m guessing he lives on his own and he has his kid over every now and again and his ex girlfriend has the son for how long which is like my old friend mums and dads

  • Max Lee
    Max Lee

    I wonder what neighbours think of him

  • Janne Jacobs
    Janne Jacobs

    Colin smoked a small tree i think

  • Basedkitten2626

    If mr bean had an insane brother Collin would be him

  • Big Rich
    Big Rich

    How many times he said tree in this video is right here 👇🏽

  • vkmicro

    i'll be incredibly curious to see what it's like in a year.

  • DiSfAkToR

    No one: Colin: LET’S MAKE A TREE OUT OF MY GARDEN!!!

  • snapihansen

    Who need eye protection when you have SAFETY TIES!? :D

  • Flatzoid FE
    Flatzoid FE

    Thats a great idea

  • LivinLikeLarry 39
    LivinLikeLarry 39

    I love the creativity Colin!

  • OG Blu
    OG Blu


  • TheSRBgamer63

    I have huge pine tree just in front my house,it's planted there 2 decades ago ,in the middle of two car approach lanes,now it''s some 15 meters high and on it trough out the year in upper parts are those Christmas lights strings,we never remove em ,they last several years if buy more quality ones.Anyway, from end of december untill 20 of january they are plugged in,and damn it looks nice,specially if tree is covered in snow,but sadly years like those are rare,we have more and more drier ,even warmer winters ....

  • WAN


  • Friendly Old Bum
    Friendly Old Bum

    I hope this tree of trees catches on !! I like it!