Weaponised Homemade Screwtank
Its Finished and what a Project........
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Making the Screws infun.info/http/v-iy/gHaHnJmon6esmKM.html
Chassis and drivetrain infun.info/http/v-iy/Y6iVd6R-0oeNlZI.html
Hydraulics infun.info/http/v-iy/n2aKiauSl4-MdNk.html
First Test infun.info/http/v-iy/h6p4f5VexWmta5Y.html
Making it Float infun.info/http/v-iy/X26XaGpjyKGld9k.html
Making The SEMI Auto Cannon infun.info/http/v-iy/lXeVq4ai336nZNk.html
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  • colinfurze

    There we have to Furze Screwtank, been a good project this, so what other vehicles projects would you like to see come out the Colin Furze Shed.......

    • smoki'nplaybox


    • ryder wilson
      ryder wilson


    • Dexter Drew
      Dexter Drew

      How about a submarine?

    • Raitaku

      yay this is beautliful

    • tony c
      tony c

      can you build a functioning Terminator made out off metal or stainless steel...

  • Anwajn

    I'd like to see that thing fire a metal ball :x

  • Not Big boi
    Not Big boi

    This guy is the most pro pared during a zombie pocalips

  • Dionisios Giakoumelos
    Dionisios Giakoumelos

    What about aim?

  • Bram Moes
    Bram Moes

    Make it drive faster

  • Atomic Beasty
    Atomic Beasty

    My brain is having trouble understanding how this is legal in the UK but not guns

  • bottem text
    bottem text

    Falling down deleted scenes

  • The Real Monke Pope
    The Real Monke Pope

    But... would it work on road

  • jasonknowlez

    if you had this thing in california you'd have the fbi on your porch in 5 mins. lol

  • Prussian Weeb
    Prussian Weeb

    Imagine being in the zombie apocalypse and just seeing this thing going down the street

  • José Almeida
    José Almeida

    Amazing job on that one mate, now you did your self

  • Antony Jr.
    Antony Jr.

    I think a simple Pistol can bring you down colin. I think you need more armor at front.

  • Yiru Qi
    Yiru Qi

    I’m on nitro type and can you give me the hover bike jet bike and screw tank,name is Agent_Type

  • bodie488

    I love watching your video's

  • Wlageg Wlagegowski
    Wlageg Wlagegowski

    At least better than the Shitbarn (FV4005 for those non-tankers)

  • Jesse Hattabaugh
    Jesse Hattabaugh

    To be so confident in your own welds that you put the combustion chambers right next to your face

  • Kameron Ouellet
    Kameron Ouellet

    In America we literally make pumpkin slingshots 😂

  • Tendies

    Which watch list are you on? Collin: yes

  • Connor Tomlins
    Connor Tomlins

    he should make a machine potato cannon!

  • Papa Sheev
    Papa Sheev

    Dude this is actually a great weapon for a war but we can switch the apple with .55 caliber turret an a targeting system

  • Gian Ngo-Willis
    Gian Ngo-Willis

    I've always thought that if there was a zombie apocalypse, he'd have the best chance.

  • Chris Horsfall
    Chris Horsfall

    Rocket stove Steam powered Car

  • Jordan Lobo
    Jordan Lobo

    the fireworks didnt explode if you look carefully there were explosives

  • 3DMax

    5:33 nice Video editing ;)

  • Aiden Cangemi
    Aiden Cangemi

    some of his awesome velcials are on nitro type

  • Arch-magos Jubilexis
    Arch-magos Jubilexis

    Furze, are you sure you're not planning some kind of demented takeover of a small nation? XD This is amazing, all jokes aside

  • ミカサアッカーマン

    これ自作?!スゴすぎる てことで日本人います?

  • zαch

    Your video was on Japanese TV right now Subscribed to the channel

  • Brick Bros ultimate
    Brick Bros ultimate

    I want to meet you so bad you just seem like such a nice guy

  • JL Laine
    JL Laine

    Amphibious party barge, like a pontoon boat but you can drive it from your garage down to the lake and into the water.

  • Pooriya Technical
    Pooriya Technical

    Next project air tank !?

  • Compeer Raa
    Compeer Raa

    Colin you could put a supercharger on it and change the gearing.

  • caelan ross
    caelan ross

    Here is what you do to make it float better #1 plastic barrels inside the bottom of it #2 increase the length of it #4 raise the floor it further up and leave the screws where they are

  • appleseedfanatic

    So an apple launcher that shoots to fast is illegal but a 15 foot flame thrower isnt??

  • RWBHere

    Furze kills trees so we don't have to. 'Is Colin green colourblind?', you might ask.



  • Julius

    Why you dont put glass on the front? sorry for my english but I am from germany

  • mr.mineguy

    You can destroy a cement block with it and make a video

  • Isamu T
    Isamu T

    I remember on junkyard wars they tried to make a screw drive snowmobile but they used steel barrels as the rotors and it didn't work lol

  • FireStar 4560
    FireStar 4560

    Me: "wanna bring your screwtank to the bon fire?" Collins: "can i light the bonfire?" Me: "yes"

  • Justin Humphrey
    Justin Humphrey

    Tree huggers R.I.P 🤣

  • RedDevil Ben
    RedDevil Ben

    watch out everyone California and australia were not enough morons playing with fire in the woods are everywhere

  • Michael reasen
    Michael reasen

    collin: starts blowing fire everywhere in a forest Australians: f$*’ing hell not again

  • Jack Gunn
    Jack Gunn

    colin uses big shot of fire ubuth drie wood and grass

  • Ryan McClain
    Ryan McClain

    The world: stop forest fires Colin: 4:47, 5:32

  • iPiotrekS

    cool video : ) grethings from poland

  • Ethan Ramseys
    Ethan Ramseys

    Make an inventions army once covid is done. All your weapon stuff tested in one video

  • Ethan Salters
    Ethan Salters

    We think this is an innocent channel now, but watch in the next 15 years this guy's going to be the leader of a small army, all strapped with advanced weaponry. Also something I'd like to see are wrist cannons that shoot fireworks.

  • plebiansociety

    Just need a 100kw bldc motor (they seriously make those www.freerchobby.cc/collections/brushless-motor/products/mp240150-100kw-230kgthrust-outrunner-brushless-motor-for-big-plane-car-boat )and enough batteries to power Las Vegas and you can get that thing doing 8 second quarter miles.

  • backyard weather
    backyard weather


  • Super sayin2 dragon ball
    Super sayin2 dragon ball

    You create things that all youtubers refuse to create themselves



  • Un Vídeo Más
    Un Vídeo Más

    and you know who caused the Amazon fire?

  • Tech Guy
    Tech Guy

    at 4:52 colin furze demonstrates how to start a forest fire

  • Legend 27
    Legend 27

    Man I need to put my howertzer on one of these

  • Gabriel

    I thought that Meat Grinders was just a crackhead idea of Crossout...

  • david marden
    david marden

    I'd love to see you do a build with Adam Savage.

  • Finley Bumbaclot
    Finley Bumbaclot

    Colin did you go to UTC

  • LuCk7

    Here cause of nitro typing, quite intrigued nonetheless

  • Kirsty Ingleson
    Kirsty Ingleson

    ‘The Great Escapists’ on Amazon Prime? (along with the Trebuchet)

  • Jeffrey B Alexander
    Jeffrey B Alexander

    Could you imagine having a couple platoons of these on a paintball course?!?!?! What fun!!!!

  • Daniel Lemos
    Daniel Lemos

    Don't know if you ever played Moon Patrol?... It's an 80's arcade game and the little 6 wheeler vehicle might be pretty awesome to make

  • Vince brown
    Vince brown

    make a big c 3 pe o

  • Dino3227

    Your son is having the best childhood

  • Reuben Stern
    Reuben Stern

    You could easily make a maghook like in matt reileys area7. A more difficult project would be the perfect go kart. At least 300bhp, sequential gearbox, super charger/ turbo for nice wooshy sounds and anti lag for scary banging sounds when changing gear. Don't forget the roll cage. You'll thank me later.

  • Pink Dude
    Pink Dude

    We now know why the australia bush fires started

  • The Hakkies
    The Hakkies

    Make a drift race car from a nissan skyline GTR r34

  • Pirmin KOGLECK
    Pirmin KOGLECK

    Off to the next Covid Demo!!!

  • Swaglord

    god damnit i knew the world of tanks sponsorship ad was coming

  • Jordan Green
    Jordan Green

    You play nitro type this is where i got this video from

  • Kevin Ackley
    Kevin Ackley

    Colin to make the tank faster have you tryed more screws and straighter. And instead of flat blades for the drive, triangle tube you should be able to double your speed without upgrading the motor

  • justin cliff
    justin cliff

    Smoky would not Approve

  • daboy


  • Chris Ortego
    Chris Ortego

    how are you not arrested?

  • Walter Wright
    Walter Wright

    Needs a 360 turret self loading firework launcher.

    • Walter Wright
      Walter Wright

      Mortor fireworks.

  • Robe Person
    Robe Person

    Did the rockets really hit?

  • Jonathan Maurer
    Jonathan Maurer

    how did those rockets hit perfectly?

  • RS - 04DM 867191 Great Lakes PS
    RS - 04DM 867191 Great Lakes PS

    Literally this made it to a game

  • Uriel Daluz
    Uriel Daluz

    Colin is the best dad on the internet, change my mind! This is seriously awesome, and may I just say, I am currently running a Mutants and masterminds game (superhero TTRPG) and I basically had supers mess with the politics One of the ways this happened is Europe in there is basically in super feudalism now, and I made “Lord Furze” one of the super barons of a domain forged in steampunk tech.

  • Silver Cyon
    Silver Cyon

    How about a mini battleship like from world if warships

  • Gaming with devil
    Gaming with devil

    Does it drive on stone

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott

    Use lockable differentials to drive the screws.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    ghostbusters car with gunner seat

  • Zilius777

    There is so much more not useful stuff to burn out than a tree ...

  • Toxic Hershey
    Toxic Hershey

    uk: ok so we banned all guns were safe now. also uk: you put a flamethower on an all terrain vehicle?, sounds safe enough

  • John Dale
    John Dale

    Make a Battle Bot!!!

  • Pilek01

    flamethrower in the middle of a forest. Well that ain't smart is it?

  • gun

    I've always wanted to make a mini tank (about 1:3 size) from a dozer with tracks or really anything at least 10 feet long that has tracks. I could make my own tank shells and cannon, i obviously live in america.

  • Laser Ham Explosion
    Laser Ham Explosion

    I honestly think a thermite launcher would have cooler than a flamethrower

  • Damian Saldana
    Damian Saldana

    Damn, you really hit the targets with the rockets, that’s cool.

    • Unusual Comment
      Unusual Comment




  • Jager Powell
    Jager Powell

    How do you not ever start an uncontrollable fire? Or is that always cut from the video? 🤣

  • Christopher Drummond
    Christopher Drummond

    How long did it take you to get the measurements to shoot that

  • Addicted to Air
    Addicted to Air

    North Korea : write it down write it down!!!!!!!

  • Noel Hickey
    Noel Hickey

    you guys trust me, its a really good idea to be shooting a flamethrower in the middle of a forest

  • connor hoyle
    connor hoyle

    I was wondering how he made that cannon legally in england.

  • cock

    please mount it like a aimable cannon, would be fucking awesome to see

  • Richard

    Now make its engine run on wood like your lawnmower 😂👉

  • litProSkills


  • VerZeus

    dodaj śrubę taka jak jest w statku aby szybciej pływał w wodzie i może jeszcze jakieś radyjko :) z mocnym basem ?