My first journey into wood gas has been quite a ride, but will work.....
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  • colinfurze

    Well this was a journey, I've got a way better design in me but I love the trail and error and I know you like seeing it all to, stay tuned for the ultimate garden swing. Limit stock available on the merch so get it quick www.colinfurzeshop.com


      can you try making something powered by steam, like a car or boat, or just a simple steam engine

    • mfr58

      I'm guessing it's a two stroke engine and you've got no lubricant in the gas.....

    • Shaun Devine
      Shaun Devine

      Stoked to see the full size bunker generator; Furze style!, in which I mean pro.. practical in this application would obviously be more appropriate.

    • vasabi

      use water bubbler to catch the tar!

    • Ya Bao Dorigo 23
      Ya Bao Dorigo 23

      Colin I do this at home and the tar is from the softwood if you put some hardwood like maple or oak it’ll burn hotter and a lot less tar! I do this for melting metal mostly aluminum but I’ve never tried it on a mower, that’s super cool! Also I love you channel and the stuff you do is amazing!

  • Kieran Brown
    Kieran Brown

    Colin Furze becomes rich from selling tar.

  • Pete Kraemer
    Pete Kraemer

    That runs better than my new mower from Walmart ;- )

  • Luigi Super
    Luigi Super

    Is there an update to this video?

  • Jc Shock
    Jc Shock

    Grass powerd power

  • Blue Lugia
    Blue Lugia

    Im new. I saw the video and thought it was crazy... then I saw the outro

  • mahazero

    This was stupid and genius at the same time. I hate to love it.

  • Wesley Koenen
    Wesley Koenen

    Make a weeds powered mower

  • Jonas Grünberger
    Jonas Grünberger

    Make it even more steampunky

  • Heywood Jabozoff
    Heywood Jabozoff

    a lawn mower that runs on lawn ... like a boat that runs on water.

  • Micah Kelly
    Micah Kelly

    You and the music are extremely annoying. Bleh!

  • NG Army
    NG Army

    Make PART-2

  • NG Army
    NG Army

    Make longer videos

  • NG Army
    NG Army

    Best videosss 👏👍👍❤❤❤

  • Stephanus Potgieter
    Stephanus Potgieter

    can it run off the lawn clippings?

  • Joseph Stevens
    Joseph Stevens

    I think I'm gonna have a quick look at the burner: - Proceeds to immediately angle grind it off.

  • idk_Rinkou

    Can you please try to make it with mowed grass?

  • Aqua Ox
    Aqua Ox

    Frankenstein's mower.

  • Kendal Schorn
    Kendal Schorn

    The bustling wallet naively record because gauge biosynthetically miss from a vagabond ornament. crowded, natural spring

  • Martin Taggatz
    Martin Taggatz

    collinfurze: uses wood gases Team trees: WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS MADNESS collinfurze: I just want to mow my lawn

  • Someone

    Rip environment

  • baldy meek
    baldy meek

    you need to build the turbo burner

  • A Vonäsch
    A Vonäsch

    Please more

  • Taylor Duncan
    Taylor Duncan

    Looking forward to when you have the bunker powered by wood gas!! Ultimate prepper dream right there

  • Mathman21

    Imagine if this guy was sent back in time to the 18th century

  • Alklazaris

    I would love to be this guys neighbor. Getting a hands on view of his work would make home ownership slightly better.

  • BlondHairedDominic

    *Now use nuclear power Colin.*

  • liveuk

    Put the smoke gas mix through liquid try some for fun starting with water cos your a plumber init.

  • Jack Diamond
    Jack Diamond

    Sell the patent to big gasoline companies you'd make so much money

  • DuhC0mmunity

    What about a grass powered lawn mower?

  • legordian

    Now make one that runs off of grass, then it will be self-fueling and self-sustaining :D

  • Petar Doynov
    Petar Doynov


  • Petar Doynov
    Petar Doynov


  • lw88

    Yes colin let's make a machine that burns copious amounts of wood in order to burn copious amounts of wood so you can cut down even more vegetation for decoration. This man hates the environment and I love it.

  • Andreas morre Iversen
    Andreas morre Iversen

    Bilde a car

  • CalculatinGenius

    this is amazingly steampunk

  • hardrivethrutown

    I'd love to see an update to this at some point

  • Michael Fletcher
    Michael Fletcher

    Make a grass powers lawnmower. It will never run out of power

  • HyperXGaming

    Collin try a water filter with a tube going into water and another at the top where the gas escapes too and a drain area back to the tub of water in-case some gets sucked into it.

  • Game Assets Garden
    Game Assets Garden


  • Mewpet Nope
    Mewpet Nope

    I want a part 2 please

  • oskaro120

    friend : what fuel you use 95 or 98 ? me : it's complicated

  • SarrJumper

    Can you build a cut lawn powered lawn mower?

  • mrActionhouse

    Funny thing, this was a possible alternative the germans was thinking about using for their tanks in long travel.

  • August Bengtsson
    August Bengtsson

    thought it said grass powerd

  • Marquesx_

    You speak very fast!

  • Derek Stinson
    Derek Stinson

    I bet your neighbors love you.

  • reid evans
    reid evans

    Maybe if you could filter the gas through oil it would work better

  • Warren

    This dude actually a mad scientist

  • Joseph DuPont
    Joseph DuPont

    why not use solar power to heat wood with heating cartridges.. no smoke only gas so the heat you use in your house to heat the wood is heating the house andyou stor the gas in a bladder outside the house for cooking> cheaper than story energy in batteries.. with minimal losses. what do you think.

  • thatbrown kid
    thatbrown kid

    Music awful other then that I loved the video

  • Gman

    Is this Wood-Punk?

  • Darren Herbert
    Darren Herbert

    Colin you mad b4stard, I love it. I wish my crazy materialised into reality as well as yours does! I'm a tree surgeon working off a 4 acre plot in Derbyshire that needs to be off gridifieded. Plenty of timber! Will definitely be giving this a go on a larger scale to charge a battery bank. Water sanitation and sewage management are other things I'm thinking about although I can't see them being great Colin Furze youtube channel material 😁

  • FEAR

    It looks like it’s from the 1876

  • JustAnotherYoutubeCommenter

    This is awesome. You could try running your tubing through a reservoir of cold or liquid to cool the gas and cause the tar to accumulate faster before it makes it into the engine while having a vertical run before entering the engine manifold. If it works, it could help keep the tar build up out of the engine but it will just be building up in the coil windings that run through the water. Maybe make that part quickly interchangeable so you can place a new piece while setting the other in solvent to remove tar build up. I wonder if it would be possible to skip the coil windings through water all together and figure out how to possibly use the cooling liquid itself as a filter. Possibly a plexiiglass reservoir filled with cold water which has the inlet of wood gas at the bottom of the reservoir and the outlet with the cleaner air to the engine, at the top of the container. I would figure that the colder the water, the better the coagulation and build up of tar there would be, therefore better filtration. It would be a good experiment to see if adding soap to the filter water would affect filtration.

  • Lenoxery


  • Wesley Curry
    Wesley Curry

    Lol you and Adam Savage should team up to do a few episodes together. It be a blast


    Next video, grass powered lawnmower!

  • Destroyanad

    We are still waiting for the wood powered bunker

  • Stephen Scimone
    Stephen Scimone

    7:14 put an intercooler on it

  • Stephen Scimone
    Stephen Scimone

    5:05 Amazon return reason: item defective or doesn't work

  • Stephen Scimone
    Stephen Scimone

    most of the shit this guy builds could stock a museum and be legit.

  • Brute force 45
    Brute force 45

    What kind of degree does this man have😱

  • crazy squirrel
    crazy squirrel

    $50g in tools to save a few gal of fuel a year....

  • Cameron

    Challenge: Build a lawnmower powered by the grass it mows. Doesn't need to immediately start up electrically or by grass or chemical power. You could make it so it starts as a push mower, then as you go, the grass feeds into some kind of system that activates the powered mower mode once enough grass is collected.

  • Jahdiel Ruiz
    Jahdiel Ruiz

    Make a rocket! Try to do it electric based! True challenge all electric no gas

  • Gerard Sainsbury
    Gerard Sainsbury

    The obvious question is can you make it so the lawn clippings are the fuel source- perpetual motion?

  • thespogny

    Boris Johnson looks like the budget version of colin

  • Alirio Benavides Valencia
    Alirio Benavides Valencia

    Saludos mister Ford gracias por su trabajo perfecto viento en popa saludos.

  • myrone h
    myrone h

    Love it macgyver

  • How To Craft
    How To Craft

    Cyberpunk 2077

  • Gamer man
    Gamer man

    First build:small and not working after:**huge strange thing**

  • Nguyễn Hoàng Chào mào an lão bình định
    Nguyễn Hoàng Chào mào an lão bình định

    Bạn chế quá hay nể bạn

  • Alexander Sillan
    Alexander Sillan


  • video fyren
    video fyren

    Colin your insane take that as a compliment🌲+🚜+🔥

  • Topsiekku

    Don't you think it's time for that tie and colorless shirt to throw that lawn mower for food? Either in the furnace or shredded with a blade. ;)

  • thomas owen
    thomas owen

    nice honda 90 in the background at the start.. Is that yours colin?

  • Steven Kral
    Steven Kral

    Your the young builder Gordon Ramsey

  • Jack G
    Jack G

    Why not use a alternator to provider free power with ur imagination I’m sure u can do it if not I’ll give u a hand

  • charlie vidz
    charlie vidz

    I have an idea its probably impossible but somehow make grass power a lawnmower so it makes it own power

  • Gordon Dahle
    Gordon Dahle

    Colin has bought some new tools I see. That’s great!

  • Keith Noneya
    Keith Noneya

    Absolutely Hilarious! Thanks for the fun Colin. Best Wishes & Blessings. Keith Noneya

  • Emil .Honganmäki
    Emil .Honganmäki

    Easier to put besa in the tank

  • mediacoregroupph

    Can I have the wood vinegar? (The moisture)

  • olive lettuce
    olive lettuce

    I though that was a v8 engine

  • SAUCE tv
    SAUCE tv

    Every body start preparing for the great tribulation now stock up on food and supplies and most important of all trust in the LORD OF LORDS KING JESUS ALWAYS.

    • Imperial Doggo
      Imperial Doggo


  • Seal00754

    Nothing ventured nothing gained, I suppose you could always make Wood alcohol Wood spirit. I have run a hot lawnmower on heating oil (Kerozine). But you have to pay for that.

  • Mind Stormer
    Mind Stormer

    Someone needs to get him some steampunk goggles

  • Endrit toli
    Endrit toli

    Colin you are a genius

  • Eli Hughes
    Eli Hughes

    The germans in ww2 used this technology to run training tiger tanks to save petrol because the fuel situation was so bad

  • Hen ry
    Hen ry

    Make a grass powered tree chopper and have these running together

  • BluezZ

    Use water filtration, pass the gas through a tube into a container of water, it should get rid of most of the tar

  • Sep Fitz
    Sep Fitz

    Dude wtf. Utterly amazing. Imagine being this interested in stuff. Your passion and skills are up there with.. I donno.. Some kind of cartoon character

  • wilson miraflores
    wilson miraflores

    Lawn motor with turbo, and rebore as big as it can , and with cool exhaust, please notice me lets see how it cleans

  • Johnny Cash
    Johnny Cash

    Great for global climate issues.

  • Leberkas69

    we need a wood powered chainsaw

  • Pascal OLIVIER
    Pascal OLIVIER

    Back in 2002 I visited a Ford museum on the Netherlands (that is closed now). One of the trucks shown there used in WW2 had been converted to work on wood gas due to gas restrictions during that time.

  • John Sundell
    John Sundell

    Please change the fuel from wood to dried grass then you might have something

  • betatoast 4
    betatoast 4

    Next: lawn powerd lawn mower

  • Thierry Krijger
    Thierry Krijger

    Colin try using water as a filtration system, that will catch dirt like tar and other creasy stuf. Same system as a waterpipe or a bong as you call it in the uk. Good luck had a laugh here thanks for that.